Khyber Match Factory
Famous in Local and International Markets for Safety Matches Manufacturing
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Khyber Match is the biggest match manufacturing unit of Pakistan which is also known for quality and trust in the national and international market. Since its incorporation as private limited company, it has always strived to maintain high standards and develop trust of its customers.

It is indeed an honor for Khyber Match that within a short span of time it has touched the excellence of its quality and captured a sufficient room in the international market by pulling out all stops in its way.

Best Safety Matches Manufacturer

Khyber Match is a leading safety matches manufacturer in Pakistan. We manufacture long matchsticks, kitchen, veneer, and wax safety matches and export them across the globe. Our products sold in Central Asian, African and European markets. While many companies produce these matches for their local markets, we manufacture them to meet foreign demand.

Excellent quality and competitive pricing characterize Khyber Match safety matches. With over fifty years of experience, we have earned a remarkable position in both the domestic and global markets. Our matchsticks designed to be easy to use, so you can use them in any situation. In addition to being an excellent choice, we come with a guarantee that they will not damage in any way.

The quality of safety matches is the most important factor. Our safety matches are manufactured using heavy machines and follow strict international standards. The patented design allows us to produce millions of matches per day, making us one of the most reliable matches in the world. Furthermore, our matches are extremely durable, which makes us a great choice for a fire-safety solution. In addition, Khyber Safety Matches have a solid matchbox to protect them from climatic changes. This makes us a perfect choice for households, offices, and public places.