About Khyber Match Factory (Pvt) Ltd

Khyber Match has made possible to utilize maximum resources domestically available to convert the country from match importing to match exporting country. The Khyber Match has the honor to win the FPCCI Export Trophy Award for the last nine years continuously.

We are a great choice for people who want a quality match manufacture to international standards. We make attractive design that stands out in a crowd. Our safety matches made with the highest quality materials, and the dipped sticks shaped to make them easier to light. The box is made of sturdy material and can be used anywhere. We have even special matches for camping, which can be stored in a backpack or other small container.

Khyber match Safety Matches sturdy design and quality construction keep them protected from climatic changes and accidental fires. The sticks have strong head and are easy to light. The set is a bulk set of safety matches that follows international safety procedures. The 2 inch Matches are an excellent option for candle-lighters and other types of small flames. The box is durable and will last for a very long time.

It is perhaps not only the splint head that contains chemical and cause flame by friction, but something inherent that control it according to the standards set by Khyber Match. Certain western countries like Sweden, Greece and Belgium were pioneers to supply safety matches to the rest of the world but Khyber Match has the honor to place Pakistan among the leading countries in match manufacturing.